Your quest for a secure identity ends with Grail.

Grail is a chain-agnostic and reusable one-click KYC solution powered by Zero Knowledge Cryptography,that gives the privacy experience you seek


Building Trust between Dapps and Users

Grail enables Dapps and users to create trust rails using privacy preserving technology such as Zero Knowledge Cryptography.


For DApps

Using Know Your Customer solutions, Dapps can expand their knowhow about their community and users, and set relevant guardrails for participation. This helps Dapps secure their network and create a more rewarding and trusted system for their customers and also comply with regulatory requirements


For Users

Grail Identity platform and private wallets will allow users the most private and secure way to control their interactions with Dapps. Users can control what information is shared with which Dapp in the most private way possible and feel completely secure about the interactions

Built with Privacy and Security at its core


ZK-Powered KYC

Dapps can securely verify customer identities without collecting personal information using Grail’s ZK-powered KYC solution, reducing fraud and data breach risks.


Sybil Resistance

Grail’s Sybil resistance solution will improve user experience of Dapps by making it more democratic, fair and rewarding for genuine users and community members


Identity Management

Our identity management solution helps users manage personal identities privately and securely. Dapps can reduce the risk of fraud and provide a seamless user-onboarding experience



Our compliance solution assists Dapps in meeting KYC and AML regulations without sacrificing the privacy primitives of web3

Powering Web3 ecosystems


Grail helps Defi applications to reduce fraud, and stay compliant with regulations while opening DeFi to new user groups and mass adoption..


Spend less time on bot-proofing and improve the game mechanics by making it fair for the players in your ecosystem. Reward your real player with Grail.


Enable 1 person 1 vote with strong sybil resistance which unlocks more native democratic uses cases in a decentralized ecosystem.

NFT Marketplaces

Verify creators to avoid rugpulls/scams and erase the possibility of fraud by vetting the buyers properly with Grail.

Grant DAO/Pools

Avoid regulatory scrutiny and limit payouts to trusted members with Grail


Identify and reward real supporters in your airdrop campaign. Avoid Sybil attacks with grail and create a fair ecosystem.

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Your quest for a secure identity ends with Grail